Docs need to prescribe more exercise

July 20, 2013

Exercise is not being used enough by professionals as an effective treatment of low back and neck pain.

Scientists at the University of North Carolina found that there is a lack of knowledge about prescribing exercise for pain. The study evaluated 700 people with chronic back or neck pain who had visited a doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist during the previous 12 months, and found that less than 50% of patients had been prescribed exercise. Apparently physical therapists are doing the best job at prescribing stretching and strengthening exercises.

According to the authors and conventional wisdom, exercise is “one of the few moderately effective therapies for the highly disabling illness of chronic back and neck pain.” The findings suggest exercise should be among the resources that doctors regularly prescribe for chronic pain. If you currently dont do much exercise for your symptoms, download my home back care tips that includes some great & easy advice on exercise that can be performed in just a few minutes. The key is to open up the low back spinal joints, to decompress them, and/or improve spinal flexion - knees to the chest, hamstrings, and pelvic tilts do that.

Journal Reference:

Freburger JK, Carey TS, Homes GM, et al. Exercise prescription for chronic back or neck pain: Who prescribes it? Who gets it? What is prescribed? Arth & Rheum (Arthritis Care & Research). 61;2:192-200.

Antibiotics for back pain?

July 13, 2013

A few new radical studies suggest disc herniations can be persistent due to bacteria infections. Turns out Propionibacterium acnes were frequently found in bad discs. P. acnes resides in hair follicles and gums and circulates in blood. New blood vessels sprouting into slipped disks in an attempt to heal them let the opportunistic bacteria set up shop.

This new possibility for chronic back pain make sense as a possible diagnosis. You get tested for Propionibacterium acnes by biopsy, a needle in the back. I dont think any surgeon in NL is doing this procedure at the present time, however. Experts suggest more research is needed. For those patients suffering chronic disc pain it worth talking to your doctor about. 


Chiropractic Professorship at MUN

July 11, 2013

Memorial University is home to 17 Canada Research Chairs, held by some of our leading researchers in fields such as archeology, healthy aging and marine bioscience. Chiropractic will be the newest chair, announced July 9, 2013. This is a significant development on many levels for the chiropractic profession and society, enriching inter-professional relationships and continung to further research and understanding into complaints like mechanical back pain and the principles of biomechanics and chiropractic. Here is a recent news clip.

Chiropractic Research Chair Established: VOCM

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