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April 1, 2014

Here's a nice carrot in front of your nose. A new 12 year study which examined 65,000 people showed that we only need to be eating about double the fruits and vegetables previously recommended, or eating 7+ portions a day, to significantly reduce our risk of death.

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What's further interesting is that the study revealed vegetables were seen to confer a much better advantage than fruits, reducing the risk of dying by 4 times that of fruit.

Strangely the researchers also discussed how canned and frozen fruit appeared to increase the risk of dying by 17%, and how juice was thought to convey no effect on longevity. While I find these assertions difficult to believe, overall the study does educate one on the relevance of why we should be eating healthier. Its good to be alive!

Now giddy up! :)

Detailed report here.


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