WARNING! Aspirin a day maybe dangerous.

October 26, 2013

Previous life science wisdom thought taking daily Aspirin was the number one thing one could do to prolong life. Now, after the most comprehensive review ever undertaken on Asprin, it's been found that healthy people should not take Aspirin to ward off heart attacks and cancer. According to the research of the British National Health Service (NHS) it's a "fine balance" due to the dangers of bleeding in the brain and stomach. Taking aspirin would cause "net harm due to increased potential for bleeding". Thus, the NHS is warning against taking the drug until there was more evidence.

Aspirin makes the blood less sticky so it reduces the chance of a blood clot forming, which could cause excessive bleeding during a stroke or heart attack, notwithstanding the effects after becoming involved in an accident which could cause you to literally internally bleed to death. As the report conculuded, "We need to be extremely careful about over-promoting aspirin." Taking low dose 81 mg tablets once daily needs to be reconsidered.

Personally I think low dose Aspirin therapy may still has value. Perhaps taken low dose tablets less frequently, twice weekly, may be something to consider. Talk to your doctor about this new study and ask if his/her opinion on your specific case may have changed.


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