October 3, 2013

Good parents are always interested in providing good advice. You are now empowered to know that you must be more diligent about good posture. A new survey (September 2013) of 3000 young adults (aged 18-24) reported 84% of those using smartphones and tablets experienced back pain this past year. This is a significantly higher prevalance than the general population.

Educate and inform your children about the poor cosmetic and detrimental physical effects of slouching, slumping, and extreme neck flexion (neck bent forward when lying or slumping on the sofa). Low back pain can also be prevented by pacing sitting & maintaining correct posture during sitting. Exercising regularly & maintaining a healthy weight is more important than ever. Balance has to be pursued. Or, they will be headed to visits to professionals like chiropractors much earlier.

 child slouched posture

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